Who We Are

KD is built to power your productivity in both concrete and rock applications.

Whether your job is breaking down concrete surfaces, trenching, or preventing blockage in crushing systems, our KD is made to withstand continuous breaking in harsh environments.

We KD use only high quality low materials to produce superior product and all the manufacturing process such as heat treatment, forging, machining, grinding and ets, are strictly controlled by qualitied and experienced engineers in our factory with computerized and latest facilities.

All parts are thoroughly inspected at every time that each process such as cutting, heat treatment, machining, grinding, cleaning, assembly, etc. is carried out, and all inspection data per each production lot are maintained and controlled so as to be utilized as data for better qualities and performance improvement.

Major parts such as piston cylinder and etc are designed for outstanding durability through structure analyses, and mass production is started only when a proto type has been completely

KD was launched in the South Korean market in 2000 by providing many heavy equipment and OEM parts. We ventured into the online market in 2007 to serve nearby countries and we have successfully expanded our business from Asia to Africa and Europe.

We supply every equipment in its best condition as if it were to be used by our own company. Through the years, quality products meet our valued customers from Korea and worldwide. KD's vast growth is an asset for businesses requiring heavy duty machineries.

From undercarriage, engine parts, ground engaging tools, bolts and nuts, filters, bearings, gaskets and seals, pumps, electrical parts, air inlet and exhaust, cooling systems, power train, chassis, and other miscellaneous products, name it and we'll get it for you.

Brand new and second hand parts are certainly in exceptional conditions. We at KD know the value of our customers' standards.